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Defendant Sentenced for Murder of Del Paso Heights Neighbor

DATE:  March 22, 2016

CASE:  Avery Draughty

PROSECUTOR:  Deputy District Attorney Jeff Hightower, Homicide Unit

The Honorable Maryanne Gilliard sentenced Avery Draughty to 40 years to life in prison.  On February 22, 2016, a jury convicted Draughty of second-degree murder.  The jury also found true a discharge of a firearm causing death allegation.

Draughty and his girlfriend got into an argument with their upstairs neighbors at an apartment building in Del Paso Heights. The neighbors, Tiffany Silva and her boyfriend, retreated to their apartment. Draughty then got a gun from his apartment, went upstairs, and fired one time, killing Ms. Silva. Draughty fled the scene and remained on the run for nearly 17 months. When Draughty was found, he had changed his appearance, obtained fake identification cards, and lied to the police about his identity.


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