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Shooter at Barbershop Garage Convicted of Murder

DATE:  March 18, 2016

CASE:  Sean Kelly

PROSECUTOR:  Deputy District Attorney Shauna Franklin, Homicide Unit

The Honorable Matthew Gary sentenced 20-year-old Sean Kelly to 72 years to life in prison.  On December 3, 2015, a jury convicted Kelly of second-degree murder and attempted murder.  The jury also found true that Kelly personally used a firearm in the commission of those crimes.  

In April 2014, Kelly and the victim, Romainia Tyson, were involved in a verbal altercation where firearms were displayed on both sides.  On the morning of April 23, 2014, Kelly was hanging out at a barbershop operated out of the garage of a Natomas residence.  Mr. Tyson and his friend drove by, turned around and parked in front of the driveway of the home.   Mr. Tyson got out of the car and headed up the driveway toward where Kelly was seated.  Kelly removed his firearm from his waistband and began firing, striking Mr. Tyson a number of times, killing him.  Mr. Tyson’s friend who was driving the car was also struck in the arm.  Kelly fled the scene and was arrested the next day.


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