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Defendant Convicted of First-Degree Murder

DATE:  March 11, 2016

CASE:  Luther Frazier

PROSECUTOR:  Deputy District Attorney Kevin Greene, Homicide Unit

Luther Frazier was convicted by jury of first-degree murder.  The jury also found true a use of a firearm allegation.

Frazier purchased heroin from the victim, Shaun Blechinger, over several months.  After a while, Frazier allowed the victim to use his car in exchange for heroin.  When the victim wrecked Frazier’s car, he would not pay for the damage.  Frazier then stole his father's gun and went over to the victim's residence to collect the money.  The two of them met outside in an alley, where they exchanged words.  When the victim was walking back to his apartment, Frazier shot him six times, killing him. 

Frazier faces a sentence of 50 years to life in prison.  Sentencing is set for April 6, 2016, in Department 41 before the Honorable Helena Gweon.


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