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Sacramento DA / Media / Press Release Archives / 2016 Press Release Archives / 2.25.16: Former CHP Officer to Pay Restitution for Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Former CHP Officer to Pay Restitution for 
Workers’ Compensation Fraud

DATE:  February 25, 2016

CASE:  Daniel Corey Clapp

PROSECUTOR:  Supervising Deputy District Attorney Dale Kitching, Insurance Fraud Unit

On August 7, 2014, former California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officer Daniel Corey Clapp pled no contest to misdemeanor workers’ compensation insurance fraud. He was ordered to serve 60 days county jail, 3 years probation, and make restitution to CHP and the State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF).

On February 24, 2016, the Honorable Steve White ordered Clapp to pay CHP $151,927.01 for benefits he received and the costs incurred by CHP to investigate the case.  Judge White also ordered Clapp to repay SCIF $31,475.68 for disability benefit payments he received and investigative costs.

On January 3, 2012, Clapp filed a workers’ compensation claim for injuries to his shoulder, neck, knee, and back arising from an altercation with a man he was attempting to arrest. Over the next two years, Clapp told his doctors he was unable to work because of these injuries.  When fellow officers working traffic control saw Clapp drive by towing a camping trailer and ski boat, an investigation was initiated by CHP’s Internal Affairs Division, Workers’ Compensation Fraud Unit. Investigators surveilled Clapp during several camping/boating trips with his family.  He was filmed hooking up a boat trailer and fifth wheel camping trailer, launching the boat, and being very physically active. Investigators filmed Clapp climb up the ski tower of his boat and do a jackknife dive into the lake, cut firewood, and split and load several chords of wood into a trailer. Throughout this time he was telling his supervisors he was too disabled to even do office work. During a deposition in his workers’ compensation case, Clapp was asked under oath if he had attempted to go out and do any physical activities like camping, hunting, riding dirt bikes, or boating. Clapp testified he had not, but wished he could and claimed he could only shuffle around the workbench in his garage. 

The results of CHP’s investigation were submitted to the District Attorney’s Office and prosecuted by the Insurance Fraud Unit.

Supervising Deputy District Attorney Dale Kitching states, “I commend CHP’s Workers’ Compensation Fraud Unit for an outstanding investigation, which resulted in removing Clapp from the CHP, holding him accountable for his fraud, and obtaining this significant restitution order.  This case illustrates CHP’s zero tolerance for workers’ compensation fraud and its vigorous pursuit of those who commit these crimes.”


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