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Sacramento DA / Media / Press Release Archives / 2016 Press Release Archives / 11.7.16: DA’s Office Receives Grant for Impaired Driving Awareness & Education Campaign

DA’s Office Receives Grant for
Impaired Driving Awareness & Education Campaign

The District Attorney’s Office has received a $192,000 grant to fund the “Countywide Impaired Driving Awareness and Education Campaign.” 

Funding for this program is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Under this grant, the District Attorney’s Office and the Sacramento Law Enforcement Chaplaincy (LEC) will continue presenting the “Real DUI Court Sentencing” program to Sacramento County high schools, middle schools, and community colleges. 

In an effort to reduce underage drinking and drunk driving, the “Real DUI Court Sentencing” program brings real-life DUI court hearings to schools, where sentencing hearings are conducted in front of students with a judge, prosecutor, defendant and defense counsel.  The hearing is followed by a number of speakers including a judge, prosecutor and a representative from Mothers Against Drunk Driving.  A survey and evaluation will be given to students to gauge the impact of the presentations. 

Starting in 2010, there have been 74 “Real DUI Court Sentencing” presentations at 48 different schools in Sacramento County.  These schools consist of two community colleges, 40 high schools and six middle schools.  This grant will fund an additional 14 presentations, with the goal of reaching an additional 9,800 students.

The LEC will also assist with the planning and delivery of the “Every 15 Minutes” program and participate in a new CHP “Start Smart” program, which will convey to students and parents the seriousness of teens driving under the influence.

District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert states, “Thanks to the support of OTS and our partnership with the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy, we can educate more students about the risks and consequences of drinking and driving.  This is one of our many collaborative programs designed to prevent our youth from engaging in dangerous behavior and criminal activity.”


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