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Juvenile Disposition for Crimes Occurring at Florin High School

DATE:  January 14, 2016

PROSECUTOR:  Deputy District Attorney Laura West, Juvenile Division

Three teens who faced charges in Juvenile Court for violent events that occurred on October 26, 2015, at Florin High School were held responsible and sentenced.  A portion of the events were captured by students on cellphone video and posted on YouTube, making national news. 

In court this week, one teen admitted to a felony charge of assaulting the school principal during the event, and a misdemeanor charge of resisting and delaying a law enforcement officer in the performance of his duties.  Another teen admitted to a felony assault charge causing great bodily injury to a school staff member.  A third teen admitted to conduct amounting to committing a misdemeanor assault against a school staff member, and making criminal threats against a law enforcement officer. 

All of the teens were made wards of the Juvenile Court and are currently serving time at the Youth Detention Facility, which will be followed by time on electronic monitoring.  They were also ordered to complete juvenile work project, and participate in counseling programs. 

A hearing will be held in the future to determine the amount of victim restitution, which should be ordered related to the staff member who suffered great bodily injury as a result of the assault. 


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