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Defendant Sentenced for Sexually Assaulting 17 Year Old

DATE:  November 4, 2016

CASE:  Randy Klippenstein (Case #15F06223)

PROSECUTOR:  Deputy District Attorney Kevin Jones, Adult Sexual Assault Prosecution Unit

The Honorable James Arguelles sentenced Randy Klippenstein to 50 years in prison. On September 21, 2016, a jury convicted Klippenstein of two counts of rape by force, two counts of digital penetration by force, four counts of oral copulation by force, and three counts of sexual misconduct.

In August 2013, Klippenstein began making sexual comments about the appearance of a 17-year-old female.  Soon after, Klippenstein sexually assaulted the victim and continued the sexual assaults for the next year and a half.   The victim told Klippenstein “no” and tried pushing him away in an attempt to prevent the assaults, but she was unsuccessful.   Throughout this time, Klippenstein threatened to kill the victim or lock her away in a basement if she ever told anyone about the abuse.  


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