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Defendants Convicted in Crime Spree Involving
Multiple Robberies and Rape 

DATE:  November 23, 2016

CASE:  Anthony Cotton, Latrale Way, Lamar Edwards & Donny Smith (Case #14F05913)

PROSECUTOR:  Deputy District Attorney Aaron Miller, Career Criminal Prosecution Unit

Anthony Cotton was convicted by a jury of kidnapping for purposes of robbery, first-degree residential robbery, second-degree robbery, attempted robbery, residential burglary, and assault with intent to commit rape during a residential burglary.  Latrale Way was convicted of two counts of kidnapping for purposes of robbery, kidnapping for purposes of rape, first-degree residential robbery, assault with intent to commit rape during a residential burglary, forcible digital penetration, forcible rape, attempted robbery, second-degree robbery, and felony sexual battery.  The jury also found true several firearm allegations connected to the crimes.

Co-defendants Lamar Edwards and Donny Smith previously pled guilty to first-degree residential robbery with personal use of a firearm allegations.

Between June and October 2014, the defendants committed a number of crimes in the Antelope and North Highlands areas.  While committing a home invasion robbery, all four defendants held a man and his children in their house at gunpoint and ransacked the house.  Two of the defendants then attempted to rape the man’s 27-year-old daughter, but the father was able to run outside for help and the defendants fled.  In a second robbery, Latrale Way and other unidentified suspects approached a man and a woman at a park.  After the group robbed the man, Latrale Way kidnapped the woman and forced her to drive to an ATM machine to get money.  Way then directed the woman to a nearby neighborhood and raped her in her car. Two weeks later, Cotton and Way committed three additional armed robberies in the same park. Forensic DNA testing conducted by the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Crime Lab conclusively linked Latrale Way to the rape.

Cotton and Way both face multiple life sentences in prison.  Edwards faces a maximum of 16 years in prison and Smith faces a maximum of 15 years in prison. 

Sentencing for all defendants is set for January 6, 2017, at 10:00 a.m. in Department 33 before the Honorable Michael Savage.


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