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Defendant Sentenced for Series of Car Thefts, Purse Snatchings

DATE:  November 18, 2016

CASE:  David Ferris (Case #16FE001527)

PROSECUTOR:  Deputy District Attorney Michelle Becker, Career Criminal Prosecution Unit

The Honorable Marjorie Koller sentenced David Ferris to 23 years and 4 months, plus 25 years to life in prison.  On June 13, 2016, a jury convicted Ferris of robbery, three counts of unlawful driving or taking of a vehicle, grand theft and two counts of petty theft.

Between November 5, 2015 and January 18, 2015, Ferris stole a Volkswagen, Toyota and Honda from three dealerships.  In all three thefts, Ferris pretended to be interested in buying a car and used a Canadian ID for test drives.  In one case, Ferris asked to see the car key while doing paperwork with the salesman. When the salesman left the desk, Ferris took the key and the car.  In the other two cases, Ferris drove off with the car as the salesmen were walking to the passenger side of the car for test drives.

During that period of time, Ferris also stole three purses out of shopping carts as the victims loaded items into their cars in the Walmart parking lot in Rancho Cordova.  Ferris stole a fourth purse from a victim who was loading her trunk in the Target parking lot on 4th Avenue in Sacramento.  This victim tried to hold onto her purse, but Ferris ripped it out of her hands.

One of these victims was able to track and locate her iPhone.  That night, the stolen Toyota and some of her property were recovered.  Ferris was eventually found at Red Hawk Casino with the key to the stolen Honda in his pocket.  One of the stolen purses and items from another stolen purse were also found in and around the stolen Honda in the parking lot.

Ferris’ criminal history goes back more than 40 years, including a 1978 strike conviction for committing a lewd act upon a child under 14 years old and a 1996 strike conviction for robbery.  Other convictions include first-degree burglary, multiple grand thefts, vehicle theft and recklessly evading officers, receiving stolen property, ID theft, soliciting for prostitution, and multiple petty thefts. 


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