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Property Owner Convicted for Substandard Dwellings,
Accumulation of Junk 

DATE:  October 14, 2016

CASE:  Careron Kambiz Razavi (Case #16MI010801)

PROSECUTOR:  Deputy District Attorney Ron Linthicum & Deputy District Attorney Joy Smiley, Community Prosecution Unit

Careron Kambiz Razavi pled to two county code violations for permitting substandard dwelling units and permitting junk and rubbish to accumulate at the Twin Gardens Apartments. 

The case was initially brought to the attention of the District Attorney’s Office by Sacramento County Code Enforcement and other county agencies.  When it was discovered that tenants were living in apartments without a permanent heat source, the County relocated the tenants due to the cold weather.  A number of additional code violations were found and remained uncorrected for several months. 

As part of the plea agreement, Razavi was ordered to do community service, correct all building and code violations, and pay $15,000 dollars to the District Attorney trust fund for investment in the community. Razavi was also ordered to require his management staff complete Rental Housing Association courses.  In addition, Razavi must correct all of the code violations at his other apartment complex, Belfort Arms Apartments. The progress of the agreement will be monitored every 90 days by the Court.

Sacramento County Code Enforcement and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Problem-Oriented Police (POP) team investigated this case and were instrumental in the successful prosecution.  


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