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Sacramento DA / Media / Press Release Archives / 2015 Press Release Archives / 5.29.15: Case of Interest: Sarbjit Singh Sandhu & Rajdev Singh Purewal

Case of Interest: Sarbjit Singh Sandhu & Rajdev Singh Purewal

DATE: May 29, 2015

CASE: Sarbjit Singh Sandhu & Rajdev Singh Purewal

PROSECUTOR: Deputy District Attorney Amy Holliday, Adult Sexual Assault Prosecution Unit

District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert announced today that the Honorable Steve White sentenced Sarbjit Singh Sandhu and Rajdev Singh Purewal to 482 years to life in prison.   

On April 30, 2015, two separate juries convicted Sarbjit Singh Sandhu and Rajdev Singh Purewal of 20 charges including forcible sexual intercourse, oral copulation, sodomy and kidnapping for the purpose of committing rape.  The juries also found true the allegations of kidnapping, binding the victim and acting in concert with one another during the commission of each offense. 

On January 24, 2012, the defendants kidnapped the victim from her driveway as she returned home from work.  She was blindfolded, bound and forced to take medication.  The defendants drove her approximately 40 minutes away.  Each defendant repeatedly sexually assaulted the victim, who was held captive for five hours.  Subsequently, the victim was released north of Sacramento and the offenses were immediately reported.  No suspects were identified for a period of eight months until a DNA match was made to Sarbjit Singh Sandhu through the federal DNA database.  Phone records and other evidence linked Sandhu’s cousin, Rajdev Singh Purewal, to these crimes.  The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Laboratory of Forensic Services confirmed that both Sandhu and Purewal matched DNA evidence taken from the victim.


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