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Case of Interest: Andrew Johnson, Christopher Langlois & Jeffrey Powell

DATE: May 1, 2015

CASE: Andrew Johnson, Christopher Langlois & Jeffrey Powell

PROSECUTOR: Deputy District Attorney Jeff Hightower, Homicide Unit                     

District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert announced today that the Honorable Michael Sweet sentenced Andrew Johnson, Christopher Langlois and Jeffrey Powell for their roles in the murder of Jack Swaim.

Johnson was sentenced to 27 years in state prison as part of an agreement to cooperate with law enforcement and testify regarding the events leading up to Mr. Swaim’s death.  Langlois was sentenced to 15 years to life for his second-degree murder conviction and Powell was sentenced to 16 years to life for second-degree murder and for personally using a knife in the commission of the murder.

On January 5, 2013, the defendants, along with another man, kicked in the door of Mr. Swaim’s Citrus Heights home at around 6:30 a.m. and brutally attacked him.  Mr. Swaim died as a result of a stab wound to his chest received during the attack.  They were looking for Mr. Swaim’s son, James, who had been in an earlier altercation with Johnson.


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