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Media Advisory: DA Anne Marie Schubert’s First 60 Days in Office

District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert announced today significant organizational changes, accomplishments, and current priorities as she reaches her 60 day mark since taking office.  

  • One of Schubert’s first priorities was to establish her executive management team.  While Stephen Grippi resumes his position as chief deputy, Michael Neves was promoted to assistant district attorney.  Grippi oversees all criminal operations and Neves oversees special units and administration. 

    Assistant Chief Deputy District Attorneys Robin Shakely, Rod Norgaard, and Paul Durenberger continue to manage the Central Operations, Major Crimes, and Family Violence & Juvenile bureaus respectively.  Rob Gold, Michael Blazina, and Natalia Luna were recently promoted to assistant chief deputy district attorneys.  Gold manages the Sex Crimes & Special Prosecutions Bureau, Blazina is over the Justice & Special Operations Bureau and Luna manages the new Community & Government Relations Unit.  Director of Laboratory of Forensic Services Jill Spriggs, Chief of Investigations Jeff Schiele, Chief of Administrative Services Sue Elliott, and Chief of Information Technology Bassam Amrou complete the executive team (view Organizational Chart).

  • The Community & Government Relations (CGR) Unit was created to bring all of the office’s community related efforts under one umbrella. This reorganization allows the office to maximize its reach, increase accessibility and communication with citizens, and have a greater positive impact across the county.  The unit includes the Community Prosecution Unit (CPU) with five community prosecutors working in neighborhoods throughout the county to proactively address quality of life issues, including blight, prostitution, graffiti, and homelessness.  CGR also includes all community outreach programs, media and government relations. With a focus on legislative issues, the government relations team will take a proactive role in shaping laws that impact public safety. 

  • Schubert is currently sponsoring Assembly Bill 390 to address a significant public safety issue resulting from the passage of Proposition 47 “The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act.” Prop 47 reclassified a number of felony crimes, including drug offenses, fraud, theft and forgery to misdemeanors.  This reclassification will result in a significant reduction of DNA samples collected from offenders, hindering law enforcement’s ability to solve rapes, murders and other serious and violent crimes through reliable DNA evidence.  AB 390 will ensure the DNA Databank will continue to provide answers and justice for victims across California by allowing DNA collection of individuals convicted of crimes that were previously felonies but are now reclassified as misdemeanors. 

    It would also further the stated goals of The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act by keeping neighborhoods safe from dangerous recidivist sex and violent offenders who would otherwise remain undetected for their worst offenses (view AB 390 Fact Sheet).   

  • New officer-involved shooting and in-custody death written protocols have been developed and are available to the public (view Protocols).  These protocols as well as future reports involving officer-involved shootings and/or in-custody deaths can be accessed from the homepage of and will be maintained, updated, and available for viewing at all times.

    Sacramento County law enforcement leaders have had discussions in developing a new protocol involving officer-involved shooting and in-custody death incidents.  Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones and Sacramento Police Chief Sam Somers, Jr. issued the following collective statement, “Our local law enforcement community welcomes the development of these new written officer-involved shooting and in-custody death protocols.  This new review process is appropriate and necessary to fulfill our commitment to transparency and ensure community trust.” 


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