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Case of Interest: Gregory Aaron Gadlin

DATE: March 3, 2015

CASE: Gregory Aaron Gadlin

PROSECUTOR: Deputy District Attorney Aaron Miller, Career Criminal Prosecution Unit

District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert announced today that the Honorable Raoul Thorbourne sentenced Gregory Aaron Gadlin to 530 years to life in prison plus 437 years, 4 months in prison under California’s Three Strikes Law.

On December 5, 2014, a jury convicted Gadlin of 16 counts of robbery, being a felon in possession of a firearm and being a felon in possession of ammunition.  The jury also found true three personal gun use allegations.

From May 2013 through July 2013, Gadlin was engaged in a robbery crime spree involving primarily convenience stores and gas stations. Gadlin would typically display a handgun and rob employees of money and personal belongings.  During one robbery, Gadlin fired at the clerk and missed.  Three days later in another robbery, Gadlin shot a store clerk in the torso and hand.  A security officer with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department spotted Gadlin’s car in the parking lot of the Department of Human Assistance and Gadlin was arrested.

Gadlin has previously been convicted of three prior strike offenses, two first-degree burglaries and a robbery in which Gadlin used a firearm. Gadlin was on parole for that robbery at the time of these offenses. 


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