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Case of Interest: Tino Perez

DATE: January 30, 2015

CASE: Tino Perez

PROSECUTOR: Deputy District Attorney Carlton Davis, Gangs & Hate Crimes Unit

District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert announced today that the Honorable Raoul Thorbourne sentenced
Tino Perez to 160 years to life in prison. On October 31, 2014, Perez was convicted by jury of
premeditated attempted murder, assault with a firearm and committing the crime for the benefit
of the Norteños criminal street gang.

On May 11, 2013, the Sacramento State Golf Team had a party. Perez and his friends arrived
uninvited, along with many others. After the host ended the party early, several fights occurred.
Four of the college students saw a male arguing with a female and thought he was going to hit
her. They intervened and convinced the male to leave. Perez arrived on the scene after the male
had left. He asked the female, who was his friend, if everything was okay and she told him the
four bystanders helped her. Despite this, Perez pulled out a gun and shot the four college


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