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Case of Interest: Christopher Compton & Jazz Curry

DATE: January 29, 2015        

CASE: Christopher Compton & Jazz Curry

PROSECUTOR: Deputy District Attorney Amy Holliday, Homicide Unit

District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert announced today that Christopher Compton and Jazz Curry were convicted by jury for the first-degree murder of Tralane Thomas.  The jury also found that the defendants committed the murder during the commission of a robbery.  In addition, the jury found that Curry shot the victim with a .40 caliber handgun causing death, and that Compton was armed with a shotgun during the commission of these crimes.  

The defendants both resided in Richmond, California.  On January 30, 2012, they were in Sacramento visiting friends from high school.   The defendants purchased marijuana from the victim earlier in the day and obtained his phone number so they could buy more at another time.    They then planned to rob the victim later the same day.  After arming themselves with a handgun and sawed off shotgun, the defendants returned to the area where the victim lived and called him under the guise of wanting to buy more marijuana.  When the victim approached them, they displayed their weapons.  During the process of robbing the victim, Curry shot the victim three times.  Both defendants fled.  Curry was located in a nearby apartment the next day and Compton was arrested in Richmond two weeks later. 

The defendants will be sentenced on February 27, 2015 in Department 21 by the Honorable Steve White.


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