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Two Inmates Charged for Murder of Hugo Pinell

DATE:  December 8, 2015

CASE:  Waylon Douglas Pitchford & Jayson William Weaver

PROSECUTOR:  Deputy District Attorney A.J. Pongratz, Prison Crimes Unit

Thirty-eight-year-old Waylon Pitchford and 38-year-old Jayson Weaver have been charged for the murder of 71-year-old Hugo Pinell.  Both face the special circumstance of having previous murder convictions, and Weaver faces the allegation he used a deadly weapon.  Pitchford and Weaver have also been charged with assault by a life prisoner. Weaver faces a third charge of custodial possession of a weapon.

Hugo Pinell was an inmate along with Pitchford and Weaver at the California State Prison – Sacramento.  On August 12, 2015, Pitchford and Weaver assaulted Pinell with an inmate manufactured weapon. Weaver stabbed Pinell 19 times while Pitchford held Pinell down.  Pinell was unconscious when he arrived in the infirmary. Despite attempts to save his life, he died from his injuries.  This attack provoked a fight involving as many as 70 inmates. 

Pitchford has a 2013 pending case for stabbing another inmate with an inmate manufactured weapon. He has a prior 2003 murder conviction in Tehama County, and a 2012 assault by a state prisoner with a deadly weapon conviction in Sacramento County. 

Weaver has a prior 1994 murder conviction in San Diego County, and a 2006 assault by a life prisoner with a deadly weapon conviction in Sacramento County.   

Arraignment for both defendants is scheduled for March 11, 2016, at 10:00 a.m. by video conference in Department 9 of the Sacramento Superior Court. 


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