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Defendant Sentenced to 8 Years for Honey Oil Lab Explosion

DATE:  October 2, 2015

CASE:  Wade Stevenson

PROSECUTOR:  Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Kennedy, Major Narcotics Unit

Forty-seven-year-old Wade Stevenson was sentenced by the Honorable Michael Sweet to 8 years in prison.  On August 20, 2015, a jury convicted Stevenson of manufacturing concentrated cannabis and recklessly burning an inhabited structure.

On January 22, 2014, firefighters responded to reports of a loud explosion and fire at an apartment on Mills Tower Road in Rancho Cordova.  Law enforcement located an illegal butane honey oil extraction lab in the bathroom of a ground floor apartment.  The blast blew out a neighboring apartment’s wall and window.  With the structural damage, the apartment complex’s electrical, gas and water supply was turned off, leaving 146 tenants displaced from their homes.


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