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CONSUMER ALERT - Phone Scam Using Sacramento DA’s Identity

The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office warns the public of a phone scam using the office’s identity.   

Citizens have reported receiving phone calls from people with the “DA’s Office” asking for social security numbers and other information.  Some have reported the scams involved mortgage refinances, referencing their good credit.  Caller ID displays these calls as “SAC DA MAIN” or “Sacramento: Main DA.”  

These calls are NOT from the District Attorney’s Office.  Scammers are using the office’s identity to try and attain personal and credit card information, which can be used to commit identity theft and credit card fraud. 

District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert advises the public to be aware of this and other similar scams, and to NOT provide personal identifying or financial information.    

For information and tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of scams, visit the District Attorney’s website

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