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Sacramento DA / Media / Latest News / 3.9.18: DA Anne Marie Schubert Launches Refugee & Immigrant Education Program

District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert
Launches Refugee & Immigrant Education Program
Understanding Your Rights

District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert announces a new program to educate refugee and immigrant communities of their rights if they become a victim of crime as well as their rights to adequate housing, constitutional rights, and civic responsibilities.

“As District Attorney of one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse communities in the nation, it is my duty and privilege to protect the rights of every individual who comes in contact with the legal system,” said DA Schubert.  “If witnesses, victims, and others are hesitant or reluctant to engage with law enforcement and the DA’s Office, the system fails all of us. The negative impact could ripple out beyond the victims of crime, their family, friends, and neighbors to the community at large and in some instances, the defendant.  It is my sincerest hope that this program will provide community members with a substantially improved understanding of their legal rights.  With knowledge comes confidence and power; and in the realm of the legal system - justice.”

The District Attorney’s Office recognized a need to educate populations that are new to this country of their basic legal and civic rights.  As a result, the DA’s Office worked for several months to develop a program in collaboration with the Sacramento City Attorney’s Office, Sacramento Police Department, Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, Sacramento County Code Enforcement and Highlands Community Charter School, which teaches adults English and helps them earn a high school diploma, receive technical job training, and learn about citizenship.

Called “Understanding Your Rights,” the program topics include victim rights and assistance, interacting with law enforcement and their role in the community, the criminal justice system as well as rental property inspections/violations, transportation systems, how American laws may differ, and constitutional rights.


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