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Domestic Violence

Elder Abuse

The Elder Abuse Unit handles felony cases of elder and dependent adult physical and mental abuse, neglect, and cases where an elder or dependent adult is the victim of a crime. Elder financial abuse cases are not prosecuted in this unit, except in some rare ocassions. Misdemeanor cases are prosecuted in the Misdemeanor Unit, with the assistance of the elder abuse prosecutor.

The unit is assigned as part of the Domestic Violence Unit and works closely with victim advocates who are specially trained to work with the victims of these crimes.

The District Attorney's Office has taken the lead in many areas related to elder abuse.

  • A Sac FAST team brings together many different agencies and private citizens to help elderly victims of financial abuse where the cases are complex.

  • We created the first Elder Death Interdisciplinary Review Team (EDRT) in the nation. The team reviews closed cases of elder death that are suspicious or warrant further scrutiny, and we sponsored legislation to make EDRT's reports confidential.

    View the Sacramento County Elder Death Review Team's Independent Living Resource brochure here.

  • Our Multi-Disciplinary Interview Center (MDIC) staff is also specially trained to assist law enforcement with interviewing elder and dependent adults who have been the victims of crimes.

  • We participate in monthly MDT meetings that bring together law enforcement and social service groups who deal with the elderly, in order to discuss problems and issues related to the elderly.

  • Sacramento County has established an elder shelter which provides elderly victims of crime short-term safe housing while other housing or services are arranged. This is one of the first such shelters for elderly in the country.

  • Finally, our victim advocates provide outreach, support and education to elders and dependent adults who have been victims of crime, including assistance with obtaining emergency protective orders. Both victim advocates and the elder abuse prosecutor are available to make presentations.

Please Note: If you suspect elder or dependent adult abuse, you must first contact the local law enforcement agency and/or Adult Protective Services to file a report so they can conduct an initial investigation. The District Attorney's Office does not conduct initial investigations.


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