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Community & Government Relations (CGR) Bureau

CGR was created to build upon existing programs and create new ways to work with members of the community on crime prevention. The bureau brings all community related efforts under one umbrella, allowing the office to maximize its reach, increase accessibility and communication with citizens and have a greater positive impact across the county.  CGR includes all community outreach programs, and media and government relations.

The bureau also includes the nationally recognized Community Prosecution Unit (CPU).  There are prosecutors working in neighborhoods throughout the county and City of Sacramento and Rancho Cordova. Community prosecutors create partnerships with citizens, law enforcement, community groups and businesses to proactively address quality of life issues including blight, prostitution, graffiti, and homelessness (see CPU brochure).  

With a focus on legislative issues, the government relations team will take a proactive role in shaping laws that impact public safety.  California has passed laws that have dramatically changed the criminal justice system.  These include:

  • Assembly Bill 109 Realignment, which shifted thousands of state prison inmates to local jurisdictions.
  • Proposition 47, which dramatically reduced the crime and consequences for drug users and thieves.
  • Proposition 57, which eliminated prosecutors ability to directly send a juvenile accused of a serious or violent offense to adult court and created new criteria for early release of prisoners from state prison.

The District Attorney's Office will serve as a strong voice for the community on important public safety issues.


DA´s Office Reception 916.874.6218
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Sacramento Sheriff 916.874.5115
Sacramento Police 916.264.5471
Citrus Heights Police 916.727.5500
Elk Grove Police 916.714.5115
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Galt Police 209.366.7000
Rancho Cordova Police 916.875.9600
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