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Citizens Academy

photo of 2013 citizens academy graduates
2014 Graduates (click image for photogallery-use browser back button to return to page)

Across the country, as is in Sacramento, ethnic and cultural communities' concerns relating to the criminal justice system surface every day. In an effort to improve communication and relations between these communities and the criminal justice system and to enhance sensitivity in the criminal justice community, District Attorney Jan Scully formed the Citizens Academy. Since the first academy in 2002, there have been 15 graduating academies with a total of more than 800 participants.

A first of its kind, the 10-week Citizens Academy provides participants with not only an important overview of the criminal justice system (the roles and challenges of law enforcement, District Attorney, and judiciary), but devotes three classes to diversity and race issues within the framework of the criminal justice system.

The Academy is designed to engage members from all of Sacramento County’s diverse communities in communication and participation with representatives from the criminal justice system. The mission of the academy is to provide information and resources to participants, mutual learning, critical analysis of issues, and exchange of ideas and perspectives. The vision of the Academy is to achieve improved relations and communication between members of the community and members of the criminal justice system.



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